RECORD SETTLEMENTS AND VERDICTS: $3.5 million dollars in the ob/gyn malpractice case of Hutchins v. Dr. Hartman, Jackson County, IL• $2.3 million dollar record verdict on top of $2.75 million dollar settlement in 2017 in the construction zone car crash case of Adams & Borum v. Terminix, Jackson County, IL• $2.4 million dollar record medical malpractice verdict in the medical malpractice wrongful death case of Yates v. Dr. Doolittle, Williamson County, IL• $1.51 million dollar record verdict in the medical malpractice injury case of Day v. Franklin Hospital, Franklin County, IL; and $900,000 dollar record verdict in the death case of Bowles v. American Legion, Gallatin County, IL VERDICTS: • Yates v. Legatus Emergency Services of Southern Illinois (medical malpractice) Williamson County Circuit Court $ 2,439,000.00. • Day v. Franklin Hospital (medical malpractice amputation) Franklin County Circuit Court $1.51 million dollars • Bowles v. New Haven American Legion(wrongful death) Gallatin County Circuit Court $941,468.31 • Greenley v. Dr. Valdez (medical malpractice amputation) Williamson County Circuit Court $800,000.00. • Pyatt v. Lawson (truck/car crash) Jackson County Circuit Court $660,000.00. • Evans v. Shannon (wrongful death teenager) Jackson County Circuit Court $500,000.00. • Johns v. Gray (car accident herniated disc) Williamson County Circuit Court $407,000.00 SETTLEMENTS: • OB/GYN medical malpractice: $3.5 million • Leg amputation medical malpractice: $1.2 million • $1.65 million settlement for perforated esophagus June 11, 2014 in Nehring v. Southern Illinois Medical Services and MAIC • Construction accident/work comp: $1.2 million • Truck-van collision/wrongful death: $1 million • Truck-car collision: $950,000.00 • Race car crash/wrongful death: confidential settlement • Heart attack/medical malpractice/injury: $750,000.00 • Heart attack/wrongful death: confidential settlement •Products liability/tire failure/broken neck: confidential settlement • Liability/injury from Barn Door: $581,000 • Car crash/herniated disc: $400,000.00 • Bus-car collision/spine injury: $387,500 • Car crash: $385,000 • Truck-car collision: $350,000 • Work comp/back injury: $300,000 • Truck-car collision: $250,000 • Fallen shelf/back injury: $265,000 • Work comp/injury: $228,474 plus hundreds of thousands of dollars for medical bills • Slip and fall/knee injury: $225,000 • Failure to protect/employer negligence: $180,000.00 • Work comp/back injury: $150,000 • Work comp/leg fracture: $125,000 • Work comp/foot fracture: $100,000
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Medical Malpractice & Hospital Liability in Carbondale, Illinois

The legal professionals at Hughes Law Firm in Carbondale, Illinois, are experts at assisting clients with issues such as medical malpractice and Hospital Liability.
Medical Malpractice
Medical malpractice claims and hospital liability claims are among the most complex and hotly contested injury claims. Doctors and hospitals very rarely admit they did anything wrong or provided substandard care, and they vigorously defend against any such claims at all costs.
Doctors on Surgery - Medical Malpractice in Law Firm in Carbondale IL
Unfortunately, they have a tremendous advantage in knowing the medical issues and in having access to all the records and a vast array of experts. As such, pursuing medical malpractice and hospital liability claims requires tireless preparation by a team of experienced attorneys who work with medical experts on detailed medical issues.
If you believe you have been injured due to the negligence of a health care provider, you do not want to hire an attorney or firm that just "dabbles" in this area of practice. You want a firm that has attorneys who have vast experience in handling medical malpractice claims and who have tried these cases to a jury — successfully.
Contact us today for more information about how we can help your legal matters stemming from medical malpractice.